Process for Resumption of On-site Operations

Updated: Aug. 3, 2020

Current status of campus operations

UC Santa Cruz remains in phase 4 of operational resumption. At this point in time, all campus operations that can operate remotely will remain remote. However, as the need arises to resume certain on-site functions, particularly those needed in preparation for fall quarter, this page provides a summary of the process used to review and approve requests.

Questions about the process can be sent to

Process overview

The process for reviewing and approving the return to on-site operations assists departments in developing a plan for slowly and deliberately moving current remote operations back on-campus/on-site as needed.

The process is based on two key principles:

  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of our community by focusing first on those functions that must be on-site to serve the community. All operations will be required to have a review of their function prior to moving forward with resumption of on-site operations.
  • Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal guidance. In addition to the State of California’s Resilience Roadmap, we must adhere to guidance from a variety of entities, including but not limited to California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Cal OSHA.

We will continue to add to this process as further state and federal guidance is received, but the steps outlined below provide a general overview.

Step 1: Non-binding poll

Principal officers already submitted as part of the non-binding poll the list of activities currently operating remotely that might be submitted for review for potential return to in-person on-site operations by fall quarter.

Step 2: Initial review of poll submission

The chancellor, campus provost and executive vice chancellor, vice chancellor for the Division of Business and Administrative Services, and the Office of Risk and Safety Service will provide an initial review of the list to identify any questions or concerns. In addition, operations will be flagged if state or county orders do not currently allow resumption.

Step 3: Verification of operations that will go through resumption review and appointment of recovery liaison.

After initial concerns from the poll are identified, each principal officer will be given a table to verify/update the operations that they plan to take through the resumption review process. For each operation, the principal officer will be asked to identify any operations that have critical milestone dates for resumption of on-site operations (e.g. if an operation must be resumed prior to Oct. 1). Operations with critical milestone dates will be prioritized throughout the process. Each principal officer will identify a recovery liaison for their division. The recovery liaison will serve as the primary contact between each division and the on-site operational resumption team to channel questions, clarifications, and concerns through the process.

Step 4: Resumption process orientation and planning session

Each division will have a resumption process orientation and planning session with the on-site operational resumption team, led by interim Emergency Manager Amanda Gullings. Attendees in the session should include the principal officer, the division’s recovery liaison, and any divisional staff who will have key roles in developing work site plans. In addition, if the operations the division wants to resume take place in buildings managed by other divisions, the building manager(s) will be included. For some buildings there is a position with the title of building manager, and for others it will be a designated representative from the unit responsible for oversight of the building. During the session, the work site template will be reviewed and next steps will be identified. Some aspects of the work site plan will be the responsibility of the building managers, while others will be the responsibility of the operating unit.

Step 5: Development of work site plan

Work site plans will be completed for any operations intended to resume. The units requesting resumption will be responsible for completing the work site plan. The unit recovery liaison will engage with the interim emergency manager as questions arise or clarification is needed. Work site plans must be submitted to

Step 6: Review of work site plan

The on-site resumption team will review the work site plans. Depending on the operation, other staff may be asked to review and provide advice on the plan. The list of operations that have work site plans that have met all requirements will be reviewed by the associate vice chancellor for Risk and Safety Services prior to final resumption approval.

Step 7: Resumption of on-site operations and return of employees

If work site plans are approved and all required mitigations have been put in place, then the unit can commence the return of designated employees and resume on-site operations.

Step 8: Post-resumption review and monitoring

There will be a post-implementation review, and compliance with worksite plans will be monitored.

Ability to revert back to remote operations

As conditions and state/county/system directives change, any operations approved for on-site resumption could at any point be directed to revert back to a remote modality. Operations should have continuity plans in place should that situation arise.

For operations identified for resumption after the initial phase of work site plan development and review

The steps outlined above represent the process that will be used prior to the start of fall quarter. Once the initial set of functions identified by principal officers resume and as conditions change, additional operations to be reviewed for on-site resumption will be identified through the Request to Engage in On-site Work Resumption Review form.

Units approved to move forward will complete a worksite plan and any necessary mitigations. The approval of work site plans will follow steps 6-8 above.

COVID-19 supplies request form

To request supplies, equipment, or workspace modifications to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please complete this form. All requests will be evaluated by Environmental Health and Safety staff prior to fulfillment. Once a supplies request has been approved, you will be contacted with details for scheduling pick up of your items.

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