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As more faculty and staff work remotely, the campus has developed several tools to assist in the development of telecommuting plans, guidelines and resources. These are intended to support both Situational Telecommuting (i.e. telecommuting that is taking place due to COVID-19 but would not continue long-term) and Routine Telecommuting (i.e. telecommuting that is implemented because it works well long-term for the employee and their department and will continue beyond COVID-19). It is envisioned that routine telecommuting will continue to expand across campus.

Situational Telecommuting: Current COVID-19 situation

  • Guidelines: Provides employees and managers with expectations and requirements for working remotely without a pre-established alternative work arrangement. Areas addressed include duties and assignments, communication, work environment, safety, equipment, and reimbursable expenses.

Routine Telecommuting (working part-time off-site) & Remote Work (working full-time off-site)

  • Guidelines: Provides employees and managers with requirements for established telecommuting and remote work arrangements, including eligibility, work schedules, availability, communication, and remote worksite safety.
  • Self-Assessment: A one-page survey that helps inform compatibility for working remotely with criteria including appropriate job duties, success in current position, self-management, flexibility, communication skills and an appropriate remote working environment.
  • Self-Certification Safety Checklist: Guides the employee in assessing the overall safety of the proposed alternate worksite and computer workstation, including UCSC ergonomics training and worksite assessment.
  • Agreement: Outlines agreed-upon conditions, requirements and expectations to ensure successful telecommuting and remote work arrangements. This document is prepared jointly by the employee and manager and subject to the department head/senior manager’s approval.

Resource Needs for Remote Worksites: Key resources along with sourcing options to help support employees in optimizing their remote worksites.

COVID-19 Supplies Request Form

To request supplies, equipment, or workspace modifications to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, please complete this form. All requests will be evaluated by Environmental Health and Safety staff prior to fulfillment. Once a supplies request has been approved, you will be contacted with details for scheduling pick up of your items.

Leaves, Benefits, Support, and FAQs

Staff Human Resources offers a wealth of support for staff, and the Academic Personnel Office is providing information for academic employees, supervisors and administrators.

To support the well-being and mental health of staff and faculty, the Office of Risk Services is organizing regular support group sessions. Learn more online.

In addition, the Family Support Services webpage outlines the various resources available to support our employee family needs.

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